Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Turkish Bazaar!

Let me first say...I am a jewelry freak. I love all kinds of styles of jewelry and especially semi-precious stones, basically to many things to say I like.
So when I saw a flier in the schools about a Turkish Bazaar where there would be all kinds of jewelry from Turkey and also scarves and shawls. I was so excited! So I went yesterday and it was awesome they had so many great beautiful sterling silver pieces and I bought several because the prices where so great!
I also found out that it is a husband and wife that go to Turkey very often and bring back all this jewerly and the proceeds go to help missions and to help build gathering places where Christian can worship and supplies for children for school. What a wonderful way to help raise money for their missions. So that made me want to buy even more! I got a few pieces that I loved! 

I love this huge ring! It fits my middle finger and it is all I need for some serious bling to any outfit!
I just love they design and pattern of these pendants they are beautiful.

I love earthy jeweley.
I have always want to have a tree of life pendant this was $5! With beautiful turquoise!

A bracelet I can actually put on myself. I am not a huge bracelet person, but this won me over. I love the moonstone!

Moonstone and topaz earrings!

The picture doesn't give the moonstone justice.

I love these not sure what the circular green stone is but the tear drop is peridot.

wearing these today!

I had a blast! After the bazaar I went to a Core Strength Vinyasa class at BlissBlissBliss!
 It was a great class! I always feel so good after yoga I am planning to go the rest of the week and to Hot Vinyasa on Thursday which I have never done!

After yoga I drove home and fixed dinner! We had fresh sauteed peppers (green, yellow, orange) with Italian sausage on top of Parmesan couscous! A super fast and easy dinner. It was delicious!

Tonight I am going to make Yams, now I have made sweet potatoes but never yams so it should be interesting! also on the menu pork and some assortment sauteed veggies! :)

Two days off in a row for subbing I hope I get called in tomorrow, but it did give me a chance to blog and to clean up our place a bit! :) Off to clean some more!

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