Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday weigh-in

bouncing up and down again...frustrating.

Today's weight: 147.9

Last weigh-in: 145.8

Start weight: 153.8

Goal weight: 138.4

I also can't believe I haven't posted anything in a week! I just have very little time in my schedule these days...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday weigh-in

Woohoo! I am happy with my results this week!

Today's weight: 145.8

Last weigh-in: 150.5

Start weight: 153.8

Goal weight: 138.4

I am getting closer to my goal! Yay!

I have kickboxing tonight I am looking forward to that! We went on a field trip today to Watkin's Nature Center. It poured the whole time. I am so tired just from being wet and walking around. The kids behave so differently with their parents, they give them such a hard time about stuff and that is behavior that we rarely see in the classroom. I want to post some pictures but most have pictures of the kids faces and I know I don't have permission to post them online. So for safety reasons no pictures. But it was an interesting trip that is for sure!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bridal Shower

I had my bridal shower this past Saturday, and it was really nice and I enjoyed it a lot. It did feel a bit awkward open gift from people with all eyes on me and dead silence...I think I make a better hostess than the center of attention. I think everyone had a nice time, but there was some awkward moments. I never know if I am responding the right way to a gift or if I am taking to long opening a package or didn't spend as much time on another gift. Ahh there is just too many things to think about. I will be having another shower with mostly Justin's side of the family so maybe that one will be less awkward. I want people to be chatting while I open gift and not just stareing at me...but maybe that is how it is supposed to go...? Anyway I do have some pictures to share.

Today, I woke up with a terrible allergic reaction on my lips they were swollen and a red rash was on them too, and my throat felt tight and it was hard to swollow. I call the Dr. immediately and I got an appointment, So I had to take off work. OH well I have sick days I might as well use. I am going to see an allergist because I have no idea what I am allergic too, if it was food or a face product like lipbalm I just want to have this stop happening to me. I took byenadrl so now I am getting sleepy, ugh. Maybe I will go take a nap.

But here are some pictures before I forget.

opening a funny card
My Shower theme was a Bridal Tea Party! I love and am pretty much obsessed with tea!
opening a Waterford crystal bud vase it is so beautiful. That is Meleny, Justin's youngest sister next to me.
My wonderful mother!
Justin's Aunt Susan such an amazing lady, me, and my wonderful soon to be mother-in-law!
The Bridesmaids and Me! Meleny, Nicole, Laura, and Michele <3
Group shot of my friends that stayed til the end of the shower.

I had fun at my shower but It was sad many people left early so I didn't get to take a picture with them, and they didn't sign my shower memory book that Michele bought and I thought was a really cute idea. I am looking forward to Memorial Day weekend with a part for Christian's Graduation (Justin's brother) and a Birthday party for Gretchen (Justin's cousin) and another family bridal shower for me! Man it is going to be one fun get together!!

I weighed in today at 147.2 lbs lowest I have been so far! So that is also super exciting! I think logging my calories and nutrients has really helped and exercise! Man this was along post! Props if you read it all! LOL! <3 Heather

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday weigh-in

Well, not to excited at the scale this morning. I have been maintaining but not losing. Blah... hopefully that will change or maybe I am building up my muscles and that is why I am the same weight. But I have been exerciseing and eating healthy! I have started to log what I eat at They have tons of food in their database so it is easy to just type in what I ate and it pops up, and nutritional stats and everything! It is great and I don't know why I didn't know about it before. Here is the link to my profile if you wanna join it too we can be buddies, and it is free! My Calorie Count Profile

Today's weight: 150.5

Last weigh-in: 150.4

Start weight: 153.8

Goal weight: 138.4

I have kickboxing tonight! Woohoo sore muscles, my muscles are actually still sore from Monday nights class.

Oh here are some pictures from this years Easter. I have been wanting to put them u but keep forgetting.
Soon to be Mr. & Mrs.  ;)

Justin's 4 siblings, 2 cousins, and grandparents. He has a big family. Can you see me?!

My sweetie and I! We always seem to match...weird.

That all for now!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Monday!

My dress fitting was great. I need to buy some pads to go inside my dress where my chest is and she is also going to take it in a little. I also need to buy some buttons because the bustle that is on the dress is so confusing no one can figure it out so she is going to make it easy with buttons. I know Laura wanted me to take some pictures but I didn't, Sorry :(. Also because my fiance also reads my blog sometimes, he is a subscriber. I don't want the pictures to get around to him. But don't worry I will post a bunch of pictures after the wedding and some from my bridal shower too. Which is this weekend! :) I am pretty excited but I also don't know who is coming! I gave my maid of honor a list but I don't know who responded that they were coming. I hope everyone did respond. I think that is a big pet peeve of mine when people don't respond yes or no to an event. It is like, Really?... it isn't that hard just pick up the phone and leave a message. I know 2 of my roommates from college are coming down and staying at my house for the weekend so that should be fun!

Today I took off my afternoon of work to go to the Dr. my allergies are driving me crazy so I am going to try a nasal spray along with my Zyrtec to see if that will help my run away nose. I also got to seal the rest of my wedding invitations and I will try to send them out tomorrow. I have kickboxing tonight so I should probably get going soon! Time to go burn some major calories!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dress Fitting

My dress fitting is tomorrow around 12:30 pm. I was really hoping to be down 10 lbs by the dress fitting but that has obviously not happened. I guess I can keep working on losing 10 lbs a smaller size..?? I just don't want my dress to be to loose. I guess I can just ask the seamstress about it. I will let you know how it goes! Have a great weekend everyone! Sorry I haven't been commenting recently I need to get back to it! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Busy, Busy!

Man I have been so busy with work and things after work like babysitting and addressing my wedding invitations. I haven't had time to post. Last night I babysat until 11:30 pm so I was so tired and obviously did not post my Wednesday weigh-in. So here it is...and I am not to happy about it but I know I have been sick and basically I haven't been exercising, unless you mean exercising my But I am planning on going to my Zumba class on Saturday morning.

Wednesday's weight: 150.4

Last weigh-in: 148.4

Start weight: 153.8

Goal weight: 138.4

It has been tough getting out of the 50's I just keep coming right back to them. I am hoping that this month I can really get out of that habit. I really need to be strict with myself on the weekends though. And I haven't been doing great with my water consumption! I need to drink more!! I will say I will keep track of it but it is so hard to remember to write it down. There is just too many things to do these days. But that is my goal for this month is to get out of the 150's.
I need to start my 30 Day shred again! But I think I need to get 100% better first I am still coughing quite a bit. So Next week it is on!!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Still sick

Still sick today and yesterday I missed work and my kickboxing class. BOO! So tomorrows weigh-in will probably not be the greatest, but I know that I haven't been able to exercise since I have been sick and feel weak. I am just this evening starting to feel a little better. I have addressed almost all my wedding invitations. So that is all for this evening I need to get some rest and then hopefully post tomorrow. I also have to babysit tomorrow. Long day.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beat the Bug

I know I haven't posted in a while April has been a pretty busy month for me at work and on the weekends too with starting pre-marital counseling. I have not had time to post. And today I have a horrible cold probably that I got from the children I teach at school. They always cough or sneeze in my face when I go to tie their shoe or change their pull-up. The cough is what is killing me it hurts every time I cough but there is a constant tickle which makes me have to cough. UGH being sick sucks. I know I missed to Wednesday weigh-ins, but to be honest I wasn't happy with the scale. I have gained a few pounds back from the tailgate and Easter a few weekends ago. So I don't know if I have quiet worked them off, but I will try to do a W W-in this coming Wednesday. I hope tomorrow I can go to my Kickboxing class this cold is really dragging me down though. I did get to go to Trader Joe's today with Justin and I got some Better'n Peanut Butter! It is so good. It was a recommended product of Hungry Girl's. I have been enjoying her recipes from the new 300 under 300 cookbook! I think I am going to go put some more hot water on for tea. Ugh I hope this bug leaves soon. I hate getting sick.