Friday, April 22, 2011

30 Day Shred: level 1

I did the 30 Day Shred again today this is my 2nd time doing the work out, it is a super tough 20 minute workout. What really kills me is the push-ups. I have to do the ones down on my knees and I still cannot keep up, but I know if I just keep pushing it, it will get easier and easier. Also the front raises with the weights is so hard but I am pushing through. I super sweaty by the end of this workout but I know that means I am going to see results. But man...I hate to see what level 2 and 3 is like. LOL but I will gradually get to it and if I need to spend more time at level one I will.

Jillian Michaels is an awesome trainer and she is on the cover of SHAPE magazine for May 2011 I just got mine in the mail today! :) I am reading about her struggles with weight and her tips, she is just an awesome person. She also has a 20 min workout in the Mag to share with readers. I am going to check that out too, but I usually do better watching the actually action instead of a picture...sometimes I don't get it.

I went shopping at Victoria's Secret today and got my bra that I am going to wear under my wedding dress it is very comfortable and I got $10 off too! and a free panty...I picked hot pink zebra stripes. LOL Normal I cannot stand animal print but these were cute.
I also bought a pair of the new Crocs tone shoes they are super cute but I have to take them back because they aren't quite the right size I thought they fit right in the store when I tried them on but they are slipping off and I realized this because they were 9W instead of 9M which is what the box said...lame. So I hope they have my size in the color I like. I am excited because they tone your legs as you walk and they are cute!!
That is all for now I guess. I will be gone for Easter weekend! I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and Passover! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Make a Change

I know I have been M.I.A for awhile but I just have been busy with work and trying to get in exercise and I need to start adressing invitations which I haven't started...yikes. I know I didn't do my Wenesday weight in this week, but to be honest I was not happy when I got on the scale. It was around 151 lbs on Wednesday and the last weigh in was around 148, so I know the weekend didn't help but I am just moving on and starting my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred! I need to go for my wedding dress fitting after Easter and I really wanted to lose some before I went in for it but I haven't really lost much. Which is sort of disappointing but I know I am going to and I have to talk to the seamstress about different fitting appointments. And tell her what my goals are so hopefully if I do lose it my dress won't be big, but right now that doesn't look like an issue. I am not going to talk down on myself. I am just going to make a change and try my best to stick to it! All I can do is my best, and learn from my mistakes.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I hate migraines!

Today was a good day until I got a migraine. I am really tring to figure out why I get these and I think for starters at least recording what I ate before I got the headache might be able to determine if it is a food trigger or just something hormonal. I know I do get migraines around that time of the month...which is the case today but also recording what food I think will help that why I can go back and see if there are any similarities.

So I got my headache after lunch so here is what I had for lunch.

Palak Paneer with Garlic naan
One apple sliced with cinnamon and 1 packet of splenda

At first I thought maybe the splenda gave it to me but I have used the splenda many times an not has a headache so I don't know.
Well I will be keeping track of this. It is off to Happy Valley tomorrow! Looking forward to it!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday weigh-in

Happy Hump Day! I think of Wednesday as being close tot he weekend so It makes me happy most of the time!!

Today's weight: 148.4

Last weigh-in: 151.3

Start weight: 153.8

Goal weight: 138.4 (this is based on losing 10% of my start weight according to my Weight Watchers scale.)

I lost 2.9 lbs this week! Only 10 more lbs to go till my goal.Yay! Now the hard part is keeping it off and doing the same thing again next week. I must push past foods that attempt to get in my way and not fall victim to their calorie-ladeness....ok now I'm getting silly. But seriously! My problem is that I am always bouncing around back and forth and never seem to make any progress. I am focused. Even though this weekend I am going to be out of town, I am going to focus on eating right. It might be very  challenging considering I am going to State College for the Blue & White game which is a wonderful excuse to tailgate. Which means greasy food and beer....ahhhh run away!! I must bring my own healthy food to avoid eating some of the tasty...but not so healthy food.
I have kickboxing tonight! woohoo! So looking forward to some calorie/fat blasting!

Today's eats: (no pictures sorry I ate it before I

Breakfast: Egg with reduced fat Italian cheese on half a piece of Naan bread with coffee

Snack: South Beach Living Protein Fit Cereal Bar in dark chocolate berry. (These are awesome for a snack only 140 cal. and they have 8g of protein which is why I bought them! They really kick your hunger! and they are yummy!!)

Lunch: Small bowl of  spinach tortellini with sauce and other half of Naan bread, garlic hummus, and carrots.

So far so good, I need to pack another snack for around 4:30 pm, probably an apple!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Food Fotography...

Well trying to take pictures of all my meals and snack for the day, sometimes just isn't going to work...I usually forget and eat whatever it is before I get to take a picture...LOL. but I do have yesterdays breakfast and today's breakfast pictures! I think breakfast is what I remember most often, but I will try to take my camera with me when I go out too.

Kickboxing last night was fun man am I tired but I totally burned tons of calories and fat woohoo!!

So here is my breakfast from yesterday! I new meal I love making and it is super easy!
Egg sandwich with spinach and a sprinkle of Parmesean cheese with Coffee!
 I love making these breakfast sandwiches I just put the egg in a bowl with the veggies and cheese and microwave it for 50 seconds. I toast my bread while I nuke it. So fast and lots of protein to start the day! I love it.
I also just order the new recipe book by Lisa Lillien,  Hungry Girl's 300 under 300!! It is awesome and I can't wait to make all the different foods in the book! The have awesome breakfast ideas! I need to go grocery shopping!!
Here is my Bfast for today!

Yum one of my favs! I also had coffee and a peach but the peach was not that great...I have to remember to by fruit that is in season!

Hopefully more updates later!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trying something new!

So today was great with eating right and I got to take pictures of my food. (it all looks pretty yummy) I don't know if I will be able to do this everyday because I just don't remember all the time, or get the time to do it. I am also trying to eat every 2-3 hours to keep my metabolism burning all day long! I got these tips from Belinda Kan she has an awesome blog and newsletter that comes to your inbox! Here is the link to her website: Increase Metabolism WITHOUT exercise. So I have been doing this today just having smaller meals and snacks eating every 3 hours so I am definitely going to keep this up. is what I had today.

Breakfast 10:30 am: Whole wheat English muffin with cinnamon raisin peanut butter and strawberries
Lunch 1:30 pm: Garlic naan with garlic hummus and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, peppers and celery! YUM! I love naan bread!

Snack 4:30 pm: Black Cherry Chobani is good! not my favorite flavor though.

Dinner 7:00 pm: Homemade pizza with tomato basil pasta sauce more left over peppers and reduced fat Italian cheese mix! It was yummy! And so much healthier and better than buying a pizza.

So pretty yummy food today! I must resist having a snack this evening , I am just going to keep drinking my water, but I feel very satisfied with my pizza that I had for dinner. Only thing missing today was some cardio, but today wasn't the greatest weather to go walking. Tomorrow is kickboxing!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Party Pitfalls

Today I helped host a shower for one of my best friends Nicole and I help put together the cheese and cracker platter and veggie platter. There was so much delicious food at the shower, but unfortunately I didn't eat as much of the veggies as I should have and had a sampling too many of cheesecake, chocolate cake, and chocolate covered pretzels, not to mention the cheese and crackers. Yes, I ate some veggies but I really should have filled my plate with them and not the other stuff, so then I wouldn't have been as hungry, or tempted. I seriously do have a problem with sweets. I can't just choose one, I have to try a little sliver of them all. It drives me crazy...but only after the fact when I sit down and think...why the heck did I eat that. I am really thinking I need to allow myself only one sweet treat a week, or none. Because my will power seriously sucks. I just hope in one day I can't blow all the work I have done with my exercise and eating right this last week. I just have to start fresh tomorrow and remind myself that I have already had my treat for the week. If not the whole month considering the amount. ERRR! So annoyed with myself. On another note I think I am going to try to post pictures of my food that I eat. I notice other bloggers do this and I think it would be fun and make my blog a little more interesting. So I will try. I would also love to carry my camera around and take pictures of food at different restaurants that I visit but I feel like people will stare at me. Has anyone else done this...? I guess they can just stare. LOL Time to get back on track with the journey and stop eating junk that is not good for me!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Washington D.C. Cherry Blossoms

This post is here a few days late but I wanted to share my trip to D.C. to see the Cherry Blossoms. I guess I wouldn't call it a real trip since I live just a short Metro ride from our Nations capital, but it was a really nice visit to the District, and great weather except for a short hail storm when we had to run to the Jefferson Memorial! But even that was exhilarating! So I wanted to share a few pictures that Justin (my fiance) and I took while we were walking around.
This is my favorite picture that I took during our walk. I just love the dramatic sky against the white/pink of the blossoms!

Justin and I huddled with tons of people inside the Jefferson Memorial during the short and windy hail storm.

My wonderful soon to be hubby Justin!!

Justin kept telling me to get closer to the edge. I was close enough for my taste and the picture turned out great!

This was what the sky looked like right after the little hail shower. Dramatic!

Good Macro of the Blossom with the Jefferson Memorial blurred in the background.

It's me! It was quite a windy day, but beautiful!

Justin and I walked all the way around the tidal basin and then over to the Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial and finally the Washington Monument. So it was quite a long and enjoyable walk. We rode the Metro back home. All in All some great quality time with my sweetie, great exercise, and beautiful sightseeing! We go hiking quite a bit together so I am sure I will have more pictures to share in the future!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday weigh-in

Well I am not very happy with what my weight-in was today since the last weight-in. And I have decided to add the decimals in too since it is more accurate.

Today's weight: 151.3

Last weight-in: 149.5

Start weight: 153.8

Goal weight: 138.4

So I have gained 1.8 lbs since the last weight-in and I really don't know why because I have been exercising and eating healthy...ugh not happy. I will just keep on doing what I am doing. I think my body water weight can really change from week to week or maybe I gained some muscle instead of fat with my workouts... I'm not going to stress about it.

Breakfast today is an egg on a whole wheat English muffin, light vanilla soy milk, and green tea. This time I cooked the egg for 50 seconds in the microwave. It turned out perfect. Any longer than that cooks it to death. I really need to get some fresh veggies in this house to snack on too!

My next post is going to be about the Cherry Blossoms in D.C. I went to see them this last weekend and I have pictures!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is it only Tuesday?

This week seems to be going by too slowly. Ugh It is probably this yucky weather we have been having, Monday nice sunny and warm and today cold and rainy. I am pretty sure it is enough to make anyone feel a little down.

Despite that I went for two walks today with my neighbors dog and the second walk of the day my Dad went with me it was nice to have somebody to chat with on a walk. That is one one reason why I sometimes don't take walks or go out to be active is because the fact I don't particularly enjoy doing it all by myself. But sometimes it must be done.

I wasn't excited at what the scale told me this morning but I am ignoring it, and with have a weigh-in tomorrow. I made an egg for breakfast this morning the microwave the only thing is I think I cooked it a little time I will try less time.
I had a lean pocket for lunch, but I also had 2 cookies that my dad made...ugh, my parents are not so helpful at keeping sweets out of the house. Another reason why I cannot wait to move out.

Dinner was good my mom made chicken nuggets and this rice mixed with veggies and salad.

That's about it! I logged 8690 steps o my pedometer today which isn't bad but I still want to push myself to make it too 10,000 a day!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Start of Kickboxing

Wow! My kickboxing class was awesome! We also have a new instructor than the one I had last time I took kickboxing and he was great. It is such a great workout, I know my muscles are going to hurt tomorrow and man am I tired. What I have to watch is not eating to much after my workout since it is over at 8:30 pm, i think coming home and have something to eat that has a lot of protein would be good, like a Chobani, or an egg. What I eat before going to work was an apple, a few almonds, and a Luna bar. Does anyone know what you should be eating before you workout? I didn't want to eat too much. My class starts at 7:30 so I had the apple around 5 pm and then some Almonds. I ate my Luna bar around 6 pm. So it seems to work but I would love to hear what other people eat to give them energy for their workout!! Comment!!

So I will definitely not have a problem falling asleep tonight. I think I might now.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

breaks always end.

Tomorrow is a fresh new week! I start Kickboxing tomorrow! I am looking forward to it. I better get to bed so I have enough energy to make it through the day!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Break Overview

Well it is the end of the week and really I didn't get in as much exercise as I wanted to do this week, I have done quite a bit of shopping this week so I did some walking but not that much. I think in my normal job I get more walking in. I got my pedometer but yesterday I only walked 2623 steps for basically the whole day. So that is pretty sad. I didn't do any exercise yesterday, or even go for a walk. I think the weather has me not wanting to go outside because it is so cold especially for Spring. I really struggle with pushing myself to exercise alone. I love going to classes, but I can't really afford to go to a workout class everyday of the week. But I have my kickboxing class starting this coming Monday and Wednesday! So I am really looking forward to it. I know the first couple of classes are going to kick my butt, but I always push myself harder in classes because I don't want to be the one in the class that can't keep up. When I am working by myself on the other hand I have a tendency to slack, because no eyes are watching me. I am going to continue working out by myself and I even have a new work out video to try Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shed, so I am excited to try that out.

I need to get more Greek yogurt for my breakfast, since I bought some and it was fake Greek yogurt. I was not happy and it tasted gross. Don't buy Lucurene (Safeway's diary brand) Greek yogurt it isn't real they just add thickeners and milk protein concentrate.

Today's breakfast was Maple Frosted Mini Wheats with light vanilla soy milk and green tea.

Today's lunch was a turkey, broccoli, and cheese lean pocket and an apple with Cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter (which tastes Delicious!)

and I don't really know what will be for dinner, but hopefully something good. I think I would like to have some salmon get my Omega-3's!! I'm watching Dr. Oz, and he says it is very important to get as many Omega-3's as you can get...I am pretty sure I don't get enough. Maybe I should get a supplement.