Monday, October 24, 2011

Gut essen!

I haven't posted in awhile because I have been busy subbing which I am happy about! I have been getting called in a lot to sub and the teachers have been getting to know me at a few of the schools in the area so that is really great! Yay!

This weekend was nice and relaxing we had some friends over for dinner and I made german food! Yum! We watched Transformers The Dark of the Moon, it was a pretty good movie but I think the 1st one was the best.

Our German meal! Pork Schnitzel, Cheese Spaetzle, and Sauerkraut

The spaetzle was already made noodles from Aldi! It was very good with Swiss cheese and browned onions on top! Yum! I will be buying this again!
And for dessert a perfert duo for lower cal. brownies with some good nutrition too! :)
What an amazing idea! These really taste good together and you don't add anything else just cake mix and pumpkin and mix together!

Each good size muffin is only 181 calories! :) and tastes like pumpkin brownies! I want to try this with yellow cake or spice cake next!

Last weekend was the PSU vs. Perdue game! It was a great weekend a bit cold and windy but nothing we couldn't handle for tailgating! :) We also went to see the homecoming parade! and PSU won! :)
hanging with friends waiting for the parade to start

after the parade we went to dinner, I forgot to take a picture of my food...I was to hungry so I just wanted to eat! but I had the best beer ever...Creme Brulee Beer! It was crazy how much it tasted like creme brulee! SO GOOD!

PSU marching band!


I always love to visit Happy Valley! :) We will be back again soon!

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