Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's been a long time...

I have not written in my blog in a long time! I had a lot going on this summer and I have so many exciting things to share and post about! I got married, I went on a honeymoon and it was amazing!! I am still trying to focus on staying healthy now that I am back, but I have not been super serious about dropping lbs especially on my honeymoon, but I have fallen out of my exercise routine, and I need to find a new one since I don't have kickboxing or Zumba classes to attend as of yet. I just moved to Morgantown, WV. I am enjoying it and getting to know the place. I am on the hunt for a job, unfortunately there is nothing in my field, so I am still looking. I like the break from work, but I must admit I am getting a little bored and a little lonely during the day. I have not met any friends yet, although I have been living here less than 2 weeks, so I guess that is normal. I need to find things to do outside of our apartment, otherwise I am going to go crazy! So that is my quick update for now. I better get to bed, I don't want to keep hubby up with my milling around on the computer. More later and pictures of the wedding and the honeymoon soon to come! I promise!

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