Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Wedding!

Our wedding was such a great time! I can't believe it was over so soon! I spent so many months organizing and planning, I felt like it should have lasted longer but we have our memories saved in pictures which I said I would post! So here is a few pictures from our wedding!
My Dad! <3

You may kiss the bride!

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Weber

dancing the night away!
So I have lots to post about! I am on the job hunt I just have to remember to post!! I like living in our new apartment! I just want to get a job so I can help with everything! I am still waiting to hear from several places. I applied to a bunch of different daycare's in our area. there is nothing so far in the public schools in terms of music education which is what I have my certification in. It really stinks but I am still looking! I am having a great time making meals for dinner and lunch with my husband! I have some food pictures to upload soon! We got a Panini maker as one of our wedding gifts and we love it so much! I love making sandwiches on it! sooo good! I will have to keep this blog more up to date sorry for the lack of posting in the last few months! More soon! <3 Heather

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