Thursday, October 13, 2011

Butternut Squash Season!

Hey everyone! Well it has been a pretty same ole same ole sort of week. I am still waiting to hear back from the substitute office so I can get started with subbing. I called today twice...I talking to someone who said they were going to input me into the system...then I called back and left a voice mail, because I didn't hear back from them. Maybe it just takes awhile to get on the sub database...I have no idea.

Justin and I went hiking/walking every day of last weekend, since it was a long one and he had Monday off! Saturday was the Botanic Gardens, Sunday was The Core Aboredum, and Monday was Cooper's Rock State Forrest, we hiked several different trails. It was great.

I have been looking around for workout classes in the area and I found a great yoga studio called BlissBlissBliss. I think I am going to check it out and maybe sign up for some classes. I have also looked into some Zumba classes in the area, they are not too far away and I have a flyer for a complimentary class! So I will definitely go!

I have been enjoying some of the yummy foods that we bought at the farmer's market. I did however forget to photograph everything. Yesterday I made a really good sauteed kale recipe, and tonight I made Garlicky Baked Butternut Squash! It turned out amazing! and this was yet another vegtable that my husband "said" he has never had before. And he loved it too. I have always had butternut squash steamed and I really liked it that way when I was little but now I love baking it. It is a little bit more work because you have to peel the squash and the chop it in to small pieces, but this recipe is so worth it and you can find it here: All Recipes: Garlicky Butternut Squash.
The only thing I did not have is the parsley so I added a bit of dried rosemary instead, which was a great choice! I probably prefer it over the parsley.

I will definitely be making this again and soon!

That is Israeli Couscous blend from TJ's with..yes, it is a hot dog, sometimes you just get the craving for a hot dog. Not to mention it was the only dinner meat we had in the house...:)

Here is breakfast and lunch!

Hot Pumpkin Oatmeal

with chia, a few chocolate chips, coconut, and toasted walnuts, and of course pumpkin spice!

Farmer's Market Olive Rosemary Bread, which is addictive I think with Farmstead spreadable cheese. And a Pomegranate Kiwi Salad!

And that was not enough for lunch so later I had some vanilla yogurt with TJ's Fig Butter (YUM and new fave) and more Pomegranate seeds!

This weekend we are headed to PSU for the PSU vs. Perdue game! Excited to share good times, good food, and good drinks with friends! I will have lots of pictures to share! Better go charge my camera batteries.

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