Saturday, October 8, 2011

Farmers Market & WV Botanical Gardens

Happy Saturday! We didn't want to waste this beautiful day so we got up early this morning around 8:30 am to go to the local farmers market for the first time! I forgot my camera but I will bring it next tie so I can take pictures! We also got up because WVU tailgaters were already being noisy outside oh well! I am so glad we went and I know we will be going back every Saturday we can until the winter!

Here is all the yummy food we got! All for approx. $30. Not bad especially for super fresh farm raised food!

I finally got some local honey this guy has several beekeeping sights a 10 mile radius around the town! It is awesome and I have heard it can help a lot with allergies! It tastes very flower and clover-y, very different from generic store bought.

This bread was still warm they had baked it fresh this morning. Olive Rosemary was Justin's pick! My pick a stuff Chibatta with spinach and feta! There was only one left. Glad I grabbed it because it is delish!

Farmstead Cheese! Like a very creamy cream cheese yum! Organic kale in the bag, WV Gold apples they are pretty crisp and sweet, and butternut squash I am going to roast it!
After our trip to the market and back we decided to go check out the WV Botanical Gardens! Which is a lot closer than I thought it would be. Justin always figures out secret ways to get to destinations! I took lots of pictures! :)

On the way to the Gardens!

I love fall but this weather today was more like summer!

Justin! You look good with pretty trees!

I cant wait till the leaves turn brighter colors! We need to come back when they do.

...I don't know, I guess it is an excited face!

Sunshine! Vitamin D :)

We met some friends...

...and disturbed some while eating their lunch. These guys were really eyeballing us!

These 3 pictures are why I love fall! COLOR! also the smell of fall I love and basically everything, who am I kidding!

Justin checking out the creek

telling me cool stuff about the creek!

We stopped and sat on a bench for lunch! The spinach and feta stuffed ciabatta was so good, we still have half left!

a big bag of carrots, which we ate most of already.

WV gold!

shady fellow

an old dam

Justin taking cool time lapse photos

me taking pictures of my mug ;)


and again...

Have a great rest of you Saturday!
What are you planning this weekend? OR have done? Going to join the hubby watch the Penn State Game! Have a great Columbus Day weekend! :)

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