Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday weigh-in

Woohoo! I am happy with my results this week!

Today's weight: 145.8

Last weigh-in: 150.5

Start weight: 153.8

Goal weight: 138.4

I am getting closer to my goal! Yay!

I have kickboxing tonight I am looking forward to that! We went on a field trip today to Watkin's Nature Center. It poured the whole time. I am so tired just from being wet and walking around. The kids behave so differently with their parents, they give them such a hard time about stuff and that is behavior that we rarely see in the classroom. I want to post some pictures but most have pictures of the kids faces and I know I don't have permission to post them online. So for safety reasons no pictures. But it was an interesting trip that is for sure!

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