Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beat the Bug

I know I haven't posted in a while April has been a pretty busy month for me at work and on the weekends too with starting pre-marital counseling. I have not had time to post. And today I have a horrible cold probably that I got from the children I teach at school. They always cough or sneeze in my face when I go to tie their shoe or change their pull-up. The cough is what is killing me it hurts every time I cough but there is a constant tickle which makes me have to cough. UGH being sick sucks. I know I missed to Wednesday weigh-ins, but to be honest I wasn't happy with the scale. I have gained a few pounds back from the tailgate and Easter a few weekends ago. So I don't know if I have quiet worked them off, but I will try to do a W W-in this coming Wednesday. I hope tomorrow I can go to my Kickboxing class this cold is really dragging me down though. I did get to go to Trader Joe's today with Justin and I got some Better'n Peanut Butter! It is so good. It was a recommended product of Hungry Girl's. I have been enjoying her recipes from the new 300 under 300 cookbook! I think I am going to go put some more hot water on for tea. Ugh I hope this bug leaves soon. I hate getting sick.

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  1. I swear everyone is sick right now lol I hope you feel better!


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