Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Monday!

My dress fitting was great. I need to buy some pads to go inside my dress where my chest is and she is also going to take it in a little. I also need to buy some buttons because the bustle that is on the dress is so confusing no one can figure it out so she is going to make it easy with buttons. I know Laura wanted me to take some pictures but I didn't, Sorry :(. Also because my fiance also reads my blog sometimes, he is a subscriber. I don't want the pictures to get around to him. But don't worry I will post a bunch of pictures after the wedding and some from my bridal shower too. Which is this weekend! :) I am pretty excited but I also don't know who is coming! I gave my maid of honor a list but I don't know who responded that they were coming. I hope everyone did respond. I think that is a big pet peeve of mine when people don't respond yes or no to an event. It is like, Really?... it isn't that hard just pick up the phone and leave a message. I know 2 of my roommates from college are coming down and staying at my house for the weekend so that should be fun!

Today I took off my afternoon of work to go to the Dr. my allergies are driving me crazy so I am going to try a nasal spray along with my Zyrtec to see if that will help my run away nose. I also got to seal the rest of my wedding invitations and I will try to send them out tomorrow. I have kickboxing tonight so I should probably get going soon! Time to go burn some major calories!!

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  1. Understood why you wouldn't want to post photos then. But I can't wait to see the dress! How exciting. Have a great weekend, you deserve it!


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