Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Exercise Videos!/ Wednesday weigh in

I found a great website yesterday when reading through my SHAPE magazine. It is called you can log in on scheduled times and watch live videos and they have a new one every week. If that doesn't work for you which it doesn't work for me since all the scheduled times are in the morning and I work at that time, you can watch them "on demand" for free too and that works better since I don't have the fastest connection in the world either. So I am going to do one of the exercises today and see how I like it.

For weigh in my scale also keeps track of points like ***.7 and stuff like that for weight but fr this I think I am just going to drop the points and stick with the hundredths number. So here it goes...

Today's weight: 149 lbs

Last weigh-in: 149 lbs

Start weight: 153 lbs

Goal weight: 138 lbs

So no loss at all this week but I haven't been the best at my exercise routine and I think that is the problem, so I think with the help of this new website I shouldn't get bored with working out and it will help me keep going. I just cannot wait until my kickboxing class starts!!

Another great website I love that has great articles is this website is by Belinda Kan her twitter name is @HealthyWeight4U. She has wonderful articles on her website and her tweets are very informative! You should check her out! I got her newsletter in my in-box today and it is all about how whole grain bread from your regular supermarket aren't as healthy as you think they are! Check it out!!

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