Friday, March 25, 2011

My goals

My healthy living goals are to eat healthful food but to also enjoy life. I don't think you should have to give up the things that your really love to keep a healthy weight. My goals are pretty simple. I am getting married this summer in August so I would really like to be in great shape for the wedding, but not just for the wedding but all the time after that too. I feel better when I exercise so I need too to keep it up. Being a sufferer of severe migraines I find that exercise really does help me not have so many brain busting headaches. So...very quickly my goals in numbers and where I am now.

I am starting this blog now but I have already lost weight since I was in college which makes me super happy there was a time when I was close to 180 lbs, and that was not a fun time. I didn't feel good and I didn't look good and my self confidence was down the drain. So anyway here is the number crunching...

height: 5'8"
current weight: 149.8 lbs
my healthy weight goal: 138 - 140

So that is it! I am doing a pretty good job with my routine exercising at home and having Zumba on Saturday. Also my Kickboxing class starts soon on Monday and Wednesday. I am excited.

I would love to reach my goal by mid may so when I go to get my bridal gown altered I won't be losing any more weight but we will see!

My accountability:

Breakfast this morning:

Raspberry Chobani 0%
15 Strawberries
Green tea decaf

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