Sunday, March 27, 2011

I love the weekends but...

I always seem to totally blow my healthy eating on the weekends.

#1 because I like to go out to eat.
#2 sometimes depending on where you go to eat there are not to many healthy options on the menu...
#3 I like beer and wine...(why they heck must they have so many empty calories!!! ER)
and #4 I have terrible will power and the portions sizes are so huge these days.

Friday night I did well and went out to dinner with my fiance and ordered one blackened chicken taco at California Tortilla, but I also had a few of Justin's chips and queso dip....cheese is my weakness, but still not bad!

Saturday I went to a dessert theater performance of Alice and Wonderland, and I had cheesecake...I should have just said no dessert please so after eating it I felt...pretty gross. I really love cheesecake but it is definitely not something I should be eating. I guess everyone and awhile it is OK. SO I guess I should beat myself up.

Then for dinner on Saturday we went to one of our favorite places for beer and chili. Hard Times Cafe, I ordered a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale which I love and I ordered a bowl of vegetarian chili which I was pretty good, but most things on the menu at that restaurant are not the healthiest. Justin and I both love the grilled wings there so we ordered that as our appetizer. I was pretty stuffed after that meal. But I only ate about half my chili. We need to stay away from Hard Times for a while we went there last night because we had a Groupon to use so probably will not be going for a while.

To make matters worst my Zumba class that is on Saturday mornings was canceled because our instructors car broke down so I was bummed about that. The good thing is I went grocery shopping and got healthy food for myself to eat this week. I am on spring break so hopefully I can exercise and get a lot of things done this week. I need to make a to do list. When I am working I just cannot seem to get all the things I want done.

Today I went to to lunch with Justin and we had sushi which was delicious and healthy! He has left to go back to Morgantown for the week. And I will miss him!

I just have to figure out a way to stick to my healthy routine even on the weekends. It is tough but if I don't make good habits now, they will just continue to be unhealthy when we get married. I think limiting our going out to eat to just once a week will help too, but it is hard when he is traveling down just for the weekend and then going back home. Maybe I can plan to cook at my house next weekend! Sounds like a good plan to me.

I went to REI and got a new water bottle with a straw drinking cap so I can actually drink and run on the treadmill at the same time, which is what I am about to go do!

This was a long update, I know this next week will be better!


  1. Weekends are hardest for me to.It always seems like since things are so relaxed I can relax lol.Just keep after it you will have it a routine before you know it!
    Thanks for visiting my blog im always glad to lend support :)

  2. Weekends are tough for me, too - it's easy to stay on track when you're working 9-5 during the week, but on the weekends I'm left to my own devices. What I found works for me is making a schedule to try and stick to - setting a time to run errands, a time to work out, etc. - and planning meals. That way I can account for (and even plan ahead for) drinks or treats.


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