Saturday, April 9, 2011

Party Pitfalls

Today I helped host a shower for one of my best friends Nicole and I help put together the cheese and cracker platter and veggie platter. There was so much delicious food at the shower, but unfortunately I didn't eat as much of the veggies as I should have and had a sampling too many of cheesecake, chocolate cake, and chocolate covered pretzels, not to mention the cheese and crackers. Yes, I ate some veggies but I really should have filled my plate with them and not the other stuff, so then I wouldn't have been as hungry, or tempted. I seriously do have a problem with sweets. I can't just choose one, I have to try a little sliver of them all. It drives me crazy...but only after the fact when I sit down and think...why the heck did I eat that. I am really thinking I need to allow myself only one sweet treat a week, or none. Because my will power seriously sucks. I just hope in one day I can't blow all the work I have done with my exercise and eating right this last week. I just have to start fresh tomorrow and remind myself that I have already had my treat for the week. If not the whole month considering the amount. ERRR! So annoyed with myself. On another note I think I am going to try to post pictures of my food that I eat. I notice other bloggers do this and I think it would be fun and make my blog a little more interesting. So I will try. I would also love to carry my camera around and take pictures of food at different restaurants that I visit but I feel like people will stare at me. Has anyone else done this...? I guess they can just stare. LOL Time to get back on track with the journey and stop eating junk that is not good for me!!


  1. Takin pictures of you food is a great idea! It really helps you see what you eating.Im sorry you had a bad day but dont worry theres always tommorow!

  2. I hear ya! I'm the same exact way. I did however buy the WW treats, that way I'm allowed to have one per day. Makes me happier without violating the "rules".


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