Monday, April 4, 2011

Start of Kickboxing

Wow! My kickboxing class was awesome! We also have a new instructor than the one I had last time I took kickboxing and he was great. It is such a great workout, I know my muscles are going to hurt tomorrow and man am I tired. What I have to watch is not eating to much after my workout since it is over at 8:30 pm, i think coming home and have something to eat that has a lot of protein would be good, like a Chobani, or an egg. What I eat before going to work was an apple, a few almonds, and a Luna bar. Does anyone know what you should be eating before you workout? I didn't want to eat too much. My class starts at 7:30 so I had the apple around 5 pm and then some Almonds. I ate my Luna bar around 6 pm. So it seems to work but I would love to hear what other people eat to give them energy for their workout!! Comment!!

So I will definitely not have a problem falling asleep tonight. I think I might now.


  1. ive been having the same problem for when i go jogging i never know what to have if you find out let me know :)!

  2. I have 120 calories of Teddy Grahams with 2 tbsp of peanut butter about an hour and a half before my mid-week workouts - delicious and not too heavy!

    When I do my long runs on Sunday mornings, I eat a protein heavy breakfast (egg white omelette or Greek yogurt) at least an hour and a half before I run.

  3. Peanut butter on whole wheat toast. Mmmmmm . . .


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