Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is it only Tuesday?

This week seems to be going by too slowly. Ugh It is probably this yucky weather we have been having, Monday nice sunny and warm and today cold and rainy. I am pretty sure it is enough to make anyone feel a little down.

Despite that I went for two walks today with my neighbors dog and the second walk of the day my Dad went with me it was nice to have somebody to chat with on a walk. That is one one reason why I sometimes don't take walks or go out to be active is because the fact I don't particularly enjoy doing it all by myself. But sometimes it must be done.

I wasn't excited at what the scale told me this morning but I am ignoring it, and with have a weigh-in tomorrow. I made an egg for breakfast this morning the microwave the only thing is I think I cooked it a little long...next time I will try less time.
I had a lean pocket for lunch, but I also had 2 cookies that my dad made...ugh, my parents are not so helpful at keeping sweets out of the house. Another reason why I cannot wait to move out.

Dinner was good my mom made chicken nuggets and this rice mixed with veggies and salad.

That's about it! I logged 8690 steps o my pedometer today which isn't bad but I still want to push myself to make it too 10,000 a day!

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