Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday weigh-in

Happy Hump Day! I think of Wednesday as being close tot he weekend so It makes me happy most of the time!!

Today's weight: 148.4

Last weigh-in: 151.3

Start weight: 153.8

Goal weight: 138.4 (this is based on losing 10% of my start weight according to my Weight Watchers scale.)

I lost 2.9 lbs this week! Only 10 more lbs to go till my goal.Yay! Now the hard part is keeping it off and doing the same thing again next week. I must push past foods that attempt to get in my way and not fall victim to their calorie-ladeness....ok now I'm getting silly. But seriously! My problem is that I am always bouncing around back and forth and never seem to make any progress. I am focused. Even though this weekend I am going to be out of town, I am going to focus on eating right. It might be very  challenging considering I am going to State College for the Blue & White game which is a wonderful excuse to tailgate. Which means greasy food and beer....ahhhh run away!! I must bring my own healthy food to avoid eating some of the tasty...but not so healthy food.
I have kickboxing tonight! woohoo! So looking forward to some calorie/fat blasting!

Today's eats: (no pictures sorry I ate it before I

Breakfast: Egg with reduced fat Italian cheese on half a piece of Naan bread with coffee

Snack: South Beach Living Protein Fit Cereal Bar in dark chocolate berry. (These are awesome for a snack only 140 cal. and they have 8g of protein which is why I bought them! They really kick your hunger! and they are yummy!!)

Lunch: Small bowl of  spinach tortellini with sauce and other half of Naan bread, garlic hummus, and carrots.

So far so good, I need to pack another snack for around 4:30 pm, probably an apple!

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