Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feeling better :)

Today I woke up feeling a bit better I think I will still need some NyQuil to help me sleep because of my stuffy nose but other than that I feel much better.

For Breakfast my toasted oatmeal with a dallop of Fage 0% with honey and chia seeds. I decided I will not eat it like this again because my oats were warm and it made the yogurt warm...bleh. Nice time I can try it with cold oats...might like that better. But it wasn't too bad.
I just love oats for breakfast!

I had Dutchess Grey Tea from Trader Joes! It is a lovely take on earl grey. :)
Today was the Trikathon (kids bring trikes to ride to raise money for St. Judes Hospital) at work, and I hurt finger catching a child from falling. I bent back my nail to the quick...ouch!!!! IT was bleeding and hurt pretty bad. But I got off work early after the trikathon and take down of all the racing flags. I got to leave at 12 pm. I went and met Justin for lunch at Panera we packed our lunches but I bought us both frozen mocha's for a surprise! :) I went to go get lettuce for tonight's dinner, and some Miracle Whip! Then I came home called some people about getting on the sub list and requirements. Then I took a nap, that is the best thing to do when you are sick. I felt much better.

For dinner I made BLTs I love them! It was fast easy and a nice and light dinner.
so yummy!! and hardly any dishes to clean up!

Justin had a Great Lakes Imperial Red Ale I tasted it and it was too bitter for me. I had a Sam Adams Octoberfest which is right up my alley! Lots of body and tastiness!

Season primer of CSI is on tonight! I am going to go watch! Then it is off to bed!

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  1. Glad your starting feel better!

    I haven't really watched CSI since Grissom left. It's just not the same :(


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