Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tring to be Thankful

My job has been taking quite a bit out of me. It is not what I was expecting and I don't particularly like it very much. But I am going to stick with it. I have very long hours which make it hard for me to keep up with my posts. My first long day I came home and cried. I felt like I had been hit by a truck all my muscles hurt and it was just a stressful  day. Some of the kids are so sweet but some are just delibaratly naughty even when they know what their doing in wrong. Many are oppositionally defiant. You ask them to clean up and they run and hide and even when you bring them back to clean up their mess they just stand there and refuse to. And the consequences of a 'time out' don't even seem to phase some children, like they could care less. To be honest this behavior is a bit shocking to me, and I haven't witnessed it very much, but I have seen it in a lot of the children at my job. I pray that I will have patience because I know with this job I will need it.

I am enjoying the weekend, even though it seems to go by to quickly. During the week I am still able to snap a quick picture or two of my breakfast before I eat it! So here are some pictures from this week and weekend.

Thursday morning breakfast overnight oats, I made it with vanilla Chobani and vanilla soy milk. Toppings: walnuts, coconuts, chia seeds mixed in, and PB.

This breakfast did not taste that great, the vanilla yogurt overpowered everything and it was pretty bland, I am going to try some recipes with out the yogurt.

Friday breakfast Chocolate overnight oats that I heated up in the microwave! This was a great recipe. No yogurt. for overnight I combined 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup chocolate unsweetened almond milk, 2 tbsp chia seeds, and the sweet secret a packet of diet Swiss miss cocoa mixed in! Amazing results. oh and half a banana! It makes a huge amount of oats. I couldn't eat it all though I wish I could have. I will have to make less next time.

On top raspberries, coconut, cinnamon swirl PB, and Yogi green tea

Today's breakfast, we didn't realize we only had 2 eggs so our omelets were more veggies than eggs. with 2 links of morning star sausage. Like our mugs! They were a wedding gift!

For tea we are having Good Earth Original, which is now Justin's new favorite tea! I always introduce him to the good stuff. This tea is sweet without sugar and spicy, sooo good!

Justin bought me flowers on Friday, since I had such a rough week. It was such a nice surprise, he is wonderful! I put them on our new Lenox crystal vase, so pretty.

I love roses! These mini ones are too cute!

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