Friday, September 2, 2011

Update on the Job Search/ Labor Day Weekend!

     SO...I realized I forgot to update (whoever reads this blog) about the job interviews that I have had. So far so good I had one today at another local daycare and this one I like the best! Also they gave me the best pay per hour! I really hope I get a call back from them.

     I had another interview yesterday and I liked that daycare as well. If I did get the position there I would be a lead teacher in a 2 year old classroom with 14 2 yr olds! Which I would really like and I think it would give me some freedom to incorporate a lot of music into the classroom. I still have not heard back from them yet. That daycare had me go into the 2 yr old classroom and observe/participate. I enjoyed it, but I really do think that the daycare needs stronger teachers. The two ladies that were in the classroom were very quiet and didn't say much to me or the children, they just didn't seem like teachers to me. I just decided to plop myself down on the floor and read a book to the kids, which they loved. I colored with them for awhile and then left. I don't know... I am going to wait til Tuesday til I call them back.

     Justin and I are traveling to Ephrata, PA to spend Labor day weekend with his family, a picnic is always on Sunday after church. It should be a fun weekend and I should have some photos to post. It is a long drive there but Justin says he is so glad that he has someone to make the drive with him. Me too! :) Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Glad the interview went well - hope it turns out well for you! Enjoy your weekend!


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