Friday, September 2, 2011


These Tortillas are amazing by La Tortilla Factory. They are only 80 cal., 48% of your daily fiber, and 8g of protein...amazing. I am going to have to get more of these!

Sour cream is not the greatest for you so this is a swap, I have heard about, i decided to mix one wedge of the cheese into the yogurt, and you know what...I can't tell the different between this and sour cream!

Cooking lean gound turkey with 3 pepper and onion blend, and green chiles with a sprinkle or two of fajita seasoning!

Nice and colorful! and healthy!! I just used a bit of PAM spray olive oil for the pan, so very little oil.

This meal would not be complete without some cervesa! This beer was nice and light, very good esp. with lime!

my faux-sour cream mixture, I loved it, Justin isn't the biggest fan of the sour cream in the first place but he liked it too! I cannot tell the different when it is mixed in with all the yummy flavors of my burrito.

So here is everything, turkey mixture, shredded lettuce, cheese (yes I gotta have my cheese, that is probably the only not so healthy thing on here!) some Spanish rice, and faux-cream! OH! Don't forget the salsa and a little guacamole on the side!
Loved, loved, loved the burritos! I will be making again, or possibly making enchiladas with the tortillas. I have been enjoying cooking so much. More eats up soon! Try this out and let me know what you think. I would love to here about it! We love burritos but making them at home is cheaper and healthier. Two things that I like very much!

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