Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Delight

We had a wonderful weekend with my parents back in Maryland. It was great to see them again and get to spend some quality time. Friday night Justin and I got in too late to have dinner around 8:30 pm, so we stopped on our way at the Hagerstown Outlets, we got a slice of pizza at the food court and the went to the Underarmour store! They had some great deals, Justin got 2 shirts and I got 3! I am going to wear one tomorrow for my jogging! We got home and showed my parents the wedding photos on the big screen TV. I was pretty cool to see them so big! Then it was bed time.

Saturday morning we got up and my Mom made us cheesy omelets with asiago rolls from the bakery! I didn't get to take any pictures though because my camera died and I forgot to bring the We lounged around for awhile and then got dressed and went to Bloomingdale's to complete our registry for our china! WE had a 20% off coupon and we were going to get maybe 3 more sets of our china pattern. (It is Alana by Waterford, so elegant) But it turned out if we signed up for a Bloomies card then we would get an extra 20% off on top of the other 20% and have free shipping! So we just went ahead and got the rest of our china! It was a really great deal. I cannot wait to use it!

After Bloomies and a few other stores we went to P.F. Chang's for lunch! I love their lettuce wraps. This is when I wished my camera had not died so I could have taken pictures. We got the chicken lettuce wraps to share and Mongolian beef and crispy honey shrimp to share for our entrees. For dessert the banana spring rolls with pinapple coconut ice cream! So Amazing!

We went to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things to bring back to WV, because we dont have one here. :(
Then back home to watch the PSU vs. Alabama game. PSU was doing great in the very beginning and then it was a tough game from there, needless to say PSU lost :( boo.

It was still a great weekend! Today we went to church then we took my parents to an amazing sushi place called Rolls n' Rice for lunch/dinner! After that we packed up the car and it was time to come back home. Now, I am relaxing, posting this entry, and enjoying a Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale! Hopefully pictures tomorrow, I need to charge my camera!

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