Monday, September 12, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,

 Would you be mine?

This morning was absolutely gorgeous! Nice and cool and sunny! It is almost my favorite season!
A quick breakfast. I didn't feel like dirtying up a bowl so I just left it in the container.

Mixin's: Chia seeds, and coconut flakes.
Pretty tasty a quick breakfast with my coffee with coconut creamer, and then I went out to do my morning exercise. I am going to have to change my routine when I start working, because I am not going to have time to exercise in the mornings.
I did 3 laps around the stadium and 3 times up and down the law school steps. I am trying to push myself with running, I make it a goal to start running when I reach certain poles and then have to run until I reach another. It works well and helps me push myself. I wore my new Underarmor shirt today, it is pretty nice and keeps me cool.
I came back and took a shower, checked email, and cleaned up our apartment a bit.
The yogurt kept me full for quite a while and drinking lots of water. Go me! So when lunch time rolled around this is what I had.

La Tortilla Factory High Fiber wrap, turkey, some shredded cheese (microwave for 1 min to melt the cheese a little) then I added some cut cherry tomatoes and Sabre garlic lovers hummus, a bit of pepper ground and then wrap it all up! So filling.

Ice tea with a splash of cranberry juice and chia seeds. They turn into a slushy like gel when you soak them in liquid. It looks weird I know but it is pretty good, like a slushy gel drink, reminds me a bit of bubble tea with out the chewiness.

The maintenance people were coming by today to change the furnace filter so I left the house for awhile. I went to the strip mall with Kroger grocery store to look at some of the shops. I found a Vera Bradley store! (Justin knows that is trouble) I also went into a nice jewelry store called Joyce's the lady cleaned my rings while I looked around now my engagement ring and wedding band are all sparkly. They get dirty so quickly. They had some beautiful and quite expensive jewelry in there, but it was fun to look. I also went into Chico's and I bought a cute belt that I think will look nice with a dress or to belt a sweater. Can you tell I am excited for fall!!
Justin came home and then the Comcast guy came to hook up our cable for us. Now we have interesting shows to watch. Although I am not the biggest TV watcher. Then I made dinner! I didn't snack at all today so I was pretty hungry around 5:30 for dinner. I basically whipped up random stuff that we needed to eat up. It was a easy fast dinner, not the most healthy but nobody is perfect.

Pasta with light alfredo (by Classico), mixed veggies, light polish kielbasa with scallions and a perogie.

finished of the little bit of pasta that was in the box and the leftover kielbasa, and 3 perogies in the fridge, that needed to be cooked so they wouldn't get freezer burnt.
It was a nice day. I have tomorrow off and then Wednesday is my first day on the job. Hopefully I will still have enough energy to blog. Time to go spend some time with my sweetie!

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  1. I love your blog, Heather. Very well written and great ideas!!! Thank you!!



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