Friday, September 9, 2011

Save the Fruit

For lunch today I had some a leftover enchilada and it was very delicious! We are going to be leaving this evening to drive to Maryland. My issue is that I have fruit that I know is going to go bad unless it is eaten. Justin for some reason does not like bananas so that is an issue when I buy a bunch and I am the only person that eats them, they get to ripe to quickly and I can't eat 2 bananas at a time, and really who wants to do that. We also had peaches that I cut up that were going bad. They were super ripe. I had some as a snack after my lunch but I don't think I can eat anymore. I just hate seeing food go to waste.

I guess I will just have to throw them out before we go. I could take the bananas home, I guess...Does anyone know a good way to save bananas that are already ripe but you can eat them right away? I have put them in the fridge but they always get freezer burnt.

Someone help me save the fruits!


  1. I would freeze them,make bananna bread and give it away peaches can be froze we give them in a lil net thingy for teething lil guy!

  2. Bake with them! Or freeze them - frozen bananas are a delicious treat!

  3. Lovely recipe....i also posted pasta and fruit trifal recipes in my blog


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