Monday, September 26, 2011

Starting Over...Again

Well I have not posted since last Wednesday....not good. But I have been not feeling well. I still have this nasty cold that is hanging on and will not go away. I also quit my job. Well...because it was awful. I was just not happy and it just was not the right place for me. You just cannot be a teacher and a custodian at the same time. You can't have control of your classroom and plan activities if you are having to clean the bathrooms and mop the floors while the children are in school. It just isn't right. I have no idea why this daycare dose not hire a custodial staff to come in after the day is over to clean. Many of the other teachers their also expressed their opinions to me about this, and I just don't think it is right to have your staff doing all that work on top of the work they are already doing. Now I am starting fresh and going to get on the sub list and I am going to be happy!

I have several photos of my breakfasts for the past few has been pretty much the same thing. I have been forgeting to take pictures also. But I don't feel too hot and I have been drinking tons of tea! I love tea!

Fridays Breakfast my last day at my yucky job! yay!

Fage 0% with chia, coconut, honey and banana with a glass of apple cider
I am so glad to be done with my job. I know I made the right choice and the cool thing is that everyone supported my decision. Your job should be something you want to do not something that makes you cry when you come home from a long day.

Saturday morning breakfast. Fage 0%, with honey, chia, granola, coconut and banana! Yum.

I loved the message on my tea bag. I got up a bit earlier than Justin because I couldn't breathe because my nose was so stuffed up, so I let him sleep.

Some Emergen-C on the side.
Saturday we watched the PSU game and then I wanted to get out of the apartment for a bit so we went to Lowes to get stuff to make shelves in out nook in the bathroom! Justin has put them up I will put pictures in the next post. We also went in Pier 1 I love that store I want to get everything in it! I got to placemats a really awesome decorative pillow for $7!!! I also got these cool wall clings to make our lving room at bit more colorful! Take a look!
Isn't the pillow pretty (the one in the middle) it was such a good buy! And I love the wall art!
I also got some books from Book-a-million they had a bunch of good reads for $3.95 each and you buy 2 get one free! Lots of reading! I am reading the new National bestseller One Day. So I will have to let you know how it is!

Lunch looks good but it actually really wasn't so I ended up throwing it out...bleh.

A Lean Cuisine Steamer...not buying them again.


  1. Yay on quitting! Not liking your job is the worst! I'm sure that wasn't helping the cold situation either.

    I LOVE your mug! :D Awesome!

  2. Good for you, get a fresh start, feel better and keep posting. Love your blog, I'm blogging now too, you can get to it from my status on my FB. praying for a great week for you!!!!! Hugs.


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